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Today is not the Day, My Dance with the President, and why I love Jesse Ventura

Most of you know that I grew up around politics. I grew up around people who care. A lot. Opinionated, vocal and, hold onto your skirt—


This is completely ironic, because my parents are probably the most socially conservative people that you will ever meet, but what can I say? The yellow runs deeps.

Growing up in Arkansas, then Governor Clinton would fly into our hometown and my parents would host him at various events. Even after he became President, my Aunt Ida still called him Bill. I’m not saying this was right, but my aunt got away with a lot of stuff that most people wouldn’t considered “right.”

Everyone I knew was a democrat. I was 18 and a freshman in college before I met a Republican. And I’ve meeting them and loving them ever since. 🙂

A friend of mine tells the story of how she had never seen a black person until she was a teenager. And well, it was kind of like that for me, only with Republicans.

My sister and I sang at the White House one year and President Clinton welcomed my family into the Oval Office and there’s this great picture where he goes to hug me (no jokes, please!) but in the still shot it looks like we are dancing.

I love that picture.

My brother has traveled with politicians for the past 15 years and he tells stories of real people with real families and hearts and emotions and fears. People who need milk for their tea or a cold diet coke and his stories remind me that these leaders—-these leaders that we love or that we hate—-yes these leaders—

They are people. Created by God, in His image and for His glory.

Hate their politics, maybe, but when did we start hating people so much?

I used to love politics. My heart would beat faster as the returns would come in. I remember being in Minnesota the year that Jesse Ventura became the governor. My husband was out of town and I kept calling him, “Oh my gosh. He has 2% of the vote. Can you believe 2%  of state voted for him?” And then I would call back. “Oh my gosh! He has 20 % of the vote. Can you believe…”

And on and on and it was shocking and funny and appalling and liberating and exciting that we live in the United States of America where former wrestling star Jesse Ventura can become Governor.

But somewhere during the 2008 election, I lost my passion. I wrote in a candidate in 2008 and I almost didn’t vote yesterday.

I almost didn’t vote because either way the outcome seems dreary and either way, with Jesus as King, the outcome seems hopeful. I voted for the same reason I do most everything.

I voted for my children.

What a gift, what a blessing, what a privilege to have a voice; a voice that can be as loud or as quiet as we like, but in just the few short hours since the results (a result that came after my 8:30 bedtime) there is so much ugly. One facebook “friend” that has quickly been deleted was ranting about “gays and blacks and baby killers.”

Really? That’s honoring to God? Uhm, OK.

Yes, let’s be scared about the debt. Yes, let’s be frustrated that people take advantage of the system. Yes, be worried about health care and our children and your business and yes, I get it….

But gays, blacks and baby killers? Come on….I think we can do better.

Again, I didn’t really want to vote but I did. It was 7:30 and there was no line.


We walked right in only to find out that the polls in Nebraska don’t open until 8.

As we are waiting, I try to make up for lost time. Coulter. Emma Claire. This is what being an American is all about. We get to choose. We have a vote. This is history and this will affect your future and I’m so happy that you are here with me.

“Can we go now, Mom? I don’t want to be late for school, ’cause then I’ll have to miss the STAR party.”

Uhm, sure, OK. I have to hurry to teach the lessons (the lessons that I’ve ignored this entire election season) so I continue. “Just remember some kids don’t get to go to school. We are blessed. It is a gift to be an American. We didn’t choose it; God chose it for you. For us. And again, we get to vote. This is incred—-”

Coulter runs into school and Emma Claire and I head back to the church. After living in South Dakota for 10 years, I am prepared.  Short of my birth certificate, I have every kind of identification possible. I will not be turned away. As I go to  pull it out, the volunteer says, “Oh, we don’t need to see that.”

Uhm, OK.

I voted for Al Gore. He lost. I thought the world would come to an end. It didn’t.

I voted for John Kerry, and, you know, he lost. I thought OK for sure now the world will come to an end. It didn’t.

I voted for Hillary Clinton and…

And my write in candidate? Yes, he lost as well.

But here’s what I know. God is not surprised by this. He didn’t wake up this morning to elections results and think, “Well, shoot! How’d I miss that one? I guess I’ll just bring the world to an end.”

Today the government was supposed to work for me.  Readers, remember when I wrote about November 7th? Yes! Today was supposed to be THE day! Today was supposed to be the end. Today was supposed to be the beginning.  After a year long, cry out to Jesus and fall completely onto Him, year; a year where I waited and God worked and I waited and God worked some more and yet still I wait. Still, we wait.

Today is not the day.

Maybe you were hoping today would look different than it does. I understand that all too well. But here’s what I know, here’s how I sleep (OK, that’s a bad example ’cause I don’t really sleep) but here’s where I find my peace—

“There is unwavering peace today…

when an uncertain tomorrow…

is trusted to an unchanging God.”

Ann Voskamp

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3 thoughts on “Today is not the Day, My Dance with the President, and why I love Jesse Ventura

  1. Great read MK. I heard this today, “If things look dark,you’re not looking far enough ahead!”.

  2. kayadkins on said:

    Thanks for writing this. Janice Sutton emails me your posts from time to time, and she sent me this, I think because I have been saying for months that the thing I look forward to most in heaven is no more politics. One King, no campaigns, for eternity. But for now, what you said-ditto.

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