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August 15th

Today I saw a friend and I just blurted it out.

August 15th!

Uhm, OK.

Or as Coulter would say.

Mom! Random!

Because we weren’t talking about dates. Weren’t talking about August. Weren’t really even talking.

But it was in my head and I needed to say it out loud.

So I did.

Nobody wants to get divorced.

Unless you need to get divorced.

Unless you know that you are getting divorced.

Unless you’ve been trying to get divorced for almost 18 months and you find out it’s going to be another several months.

Nobody wants to get divorced.

Unless you  thought you’d be divorced in November. And January. And this spring. And this summer.

Ann Voskamp says that all is grace.

And we gave thanks in all things.

And all is grace.

So there is grace in August.

August 15th.

I let that date kill my joy for a day. And then I remembered that nothing has changed. All that mattered in November 2011 is all that matters today.

It’s all that matters tomorrow.

It’s all that will matter on August 16th. Whatever that day will bring.

I am a mom. And my children are all. that. matter.

Being a mom is all.that.matters. (I mean, you know, beyond loving Jesus. Don’t get all technical on me.)

Last week we were standing in the doorway to my parents’  kitchen. She jumped up into my arms and squeezed right-hard. She was laying it on thick—

“Mom, you are so pretty.”

“And so kind”

“And you are just the best Mom that I know.”

And then she stopped. What came next stunned me.

“And I’m so grateful.”

I looked at my mom. Did my 4 year old just say she was grateful? And no Nutella was invovled?

Raising a daughter who thinks your beautiful?


Raising a daughter who is grateful?

Hale Yes!

Because I know that children don’t become what you tell them. They become what you show them.

And somehow, by the grace of a loving God,  I am showing them gratitude.

Even when I don’t feel it.

Faith it till you make it. 🙂

August 15th? Who knows.

Who cares.

OK, I do.


I shouldn’t.

Spring is coming.

Summer is coming.

Coulter’s turning 8.

And his present is AwEsOmE!

And Emma Claire has her first dance recital.

And we will bike.

And play.

And swim.

And I will be warm.

Thank you, Jesus! I will be warm.

Everything is easier when you’re warm.

Actually, everything is easier when you’re grateful.

And I am.

August 15th?

bird i can do this


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2 thoughts on “August 15th

  1. Lori on said:

    Beautiful and so very true! Thank you for your heart in word.

  2. I have never met you but I can relate so much to what you write….I haven’t gone very far back in your blog. I came across you from a friend and was hoping my daughter could do the running program you’ve set up but it conflicts with another activity. Anyway this post reminds me of what my lawyer said back in August when I asked him how long my current case (round 2 after 2 years of divorce) would take. He said “longer than you want it to, and shorter than forever” here we are months in and still not finished. For me personally I know God is working on my lack of patience and through all the hard junk that comes with divorce I’m growing into a stronger person than I ever thought I could be.

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