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Christians? I thought we were Presbyterians.

OK, so I don’t usually write in the middle of the afternoon. My kids are home and they will be leaving soon with their dad.

But they have friends over, so—ya know—they don’t even know I’m here.

A  short blog about our drive home from school.

Sometimes you don’t need to weave a story. You only need to re-tell.

Coulter:  Mom! You know how the science-word for bottom is anus?

Mom: Yes.

Coulter: Well, today Mr. Hamilton said, “Uranus is not like other planets. It spins on its side.” Get it? Ur-anus?

And the car erupts in laughter.

We have extra kiddos.

Coulter: I’m glad my anus is not like other planets. Oh, and remember how yesterday he said blubber. Like the whale? Get it? Blubber!

Again with the laughter.

Then we took a short break to discuss the various misbehavior of the children who are not as perfect as mine. How many “clip-downs”; how many office referrals; how many parent phone calls.

We pull into the driveway.

I send the other children in the house. I wanted a few quiet minutes alone with Coulter.

In order to help another family, we had to change a few plans for the following week and I knew he would be disappointed.

“Coulter,” I said. And then I gave this long explanation about serving and sacrificing and loving and then I tried to wrap it up with a very generic,  “This is just what we do as Christians.”

To which he replied.

“I thought we were Presbyterian.”

I then began explaining different denominations which is super hard for me because I get seriously hung up on “why does it matter” and frustrated with what continually divides us (although I know there are important distinctions and I’m always learning) but throughout my Christian journey, I’ve attended the Methodist Church, the “other” Presbyterian Church, the Evangelical Free Church, Missionary Alliance, 1st Baptist, 2nd Baptist, a non-denominational Church and the Formerly Methodist, but started meeting in a park-church.

And now, I guess, as Coulter would say. We are Presbyterians. The second kind.

Coulter looked me square in the eyes and I thought this is it.

This is a moment I’m going to remember forever. We’re going to have a serious discussion about faith and Jesus and theology and this is it!

“Mom,” he starts “I didn’t eat my gushers today. I decided to save them instead. And by the way, you totally forgot to pack a spoon and I had to get a spoon from the kitchen and I’m pretty sure that they don’t clean the dishes in there. It was wet and gross and I’ve been in that place many times and I’ve never even seen a dishwasher. Uhm, yeah. So, can I go play now?”

#humbled #christians


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