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Father Knows Best

OK, so yall remember when my dad called and I thought my mammaw was dead but she wasn’t dead, and she wasn’t even sick, although now she’s fallen again and back in the hospital, but still hangin’ in there for 108; and yes, y’all remember that my Dad cautioned me that some people might try to take bits and pieces of my blog and twist them and scew (how do u spell that?) and turn them and chop them beyond recognition for the sole purpose of using my own words against me?

Yes. Y’all remember that?

Well, it happened.  And I would say something clever like, yes, Father’s really do know best, but I can’t do that because it might end up in court papers as meaning something different, so let me be clear.

My father knows best. 

I wasn’t suprised. I knew my dad was right and I knew my brother was right and I knew…well, where does the list stop but I chose to write anyway and I chose to be careful with my words and I chose to tell my story because, well, this is America and, as I’ve said before, I’m tired of hiding.

Hide it under a bushel? NO!

It’s dark under bushels and your light can catch fire and it’s hot and you’ll burn and no more.

Anyway, you can twist and you can turn and you can cut and paste and you can take a funny little story about how I can’t mow and you make it sound like somehow that makes me a terrible mother or you can take a snippet from the blog about how my kids need me and how the paint is drying, cracking-hard, because I’m busy being a mom and not being a house keeper and again, make it sound like somehow that makes me a terrible mother and while the rest of us are trying to make beauty from ashes, as only the Lord can, there are some who would make ashes from beauty and go ahead but I like pretty things. I like beautiful.

I choose truth. 

And the truth is there are things a lot scarier and harder and uglier than the d-word and it’s known as the c-word.I saw it on facebook. The little hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end and I became nauseous.  “You’ve got this, Betsy! If anyone can beat this, you can Betsy! We’re praying for you, Betsy. We love you, Betsy!” 

What? My Betsy? Our Betsy? What does Betsy need to beat? Why are we praying for Betsy?

And then the truth came. Cancer.

I do not say this lightly, but Betsy Lavender is one my very most favorite, favorite people. Ever. She is good. And my pastor would laugh at me and tell me that I’m wrong because we can’t see the hearts of others, but I am telling you. Betsy is good. And her heart is kind. And she makes you feel loved and important and she makes you feel that you are the only person in the room that matters and she is the cool, awesome chick that connects with other cool awesome chicks, but also with those of us a little less cool and not quite as awesome and she is good and she has a glow about her; a brightness that seriously radiates. She lights up a room and, yes, she actually glows.

She is good.

And now she has cancer.

And then the news came. It’s stage 2. And it hasn’t spread. And this is a miracle and her sister says, if you don’t believe in God there’s still time and can’t you see, and don’t you see, this is a miracle and the messages fired back with praises to God.

And it’s all for His glory.

Then a second message came. Now they’re not sure. Maybe stage 2; maybe stage 3. And either way she fights and either way she prays and either way her healing will be a miracle and either way, the glory is His.

Last week I read a quote by Gloria Steinham and she says, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

You have to know that it’s cancer. You have to know if it’s stage 2 or 3 and you have to know so that you can treat it, and they will tell you the truth and the truth is hard and first it will piss you off but then it will set you free.

God will use Betsy as an inspriation. The lives of nurses and doctors and oncologists and radiologist and all those smart people. They will be changed because of Betsy Lavender.

And one day soon, she will walk out victorious and healthy and God will be glorified, because here’s the thing. If it’s not hard we don’t need him. If it’s not hard, we don’t turn to Him and lean into Him and fall, completely onto Him.

But it is hard, the c-word and the d-word and lots of words and we do need Him and Betsy’s story has already helped me to see mine more clearly; to see my word as just a word.

And it has to be hard for the victory to be His.

And whether you are leaving a hospital or a courtroom or a place that fills whatever your word is, it has to be a miracle for us to proclaim His goodness and say, just as Julie said, to all who will listen. It’s not too late to believe!

Our Father  knows best.

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