Raising Magnolias

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Go get ’em, Betsy!

OK, so y’all know how I’m working on the whole being grateful for all things; being grateful in all things, and y’all know from my words that sometimes I get it right and sometimes I fail like, you know, epic-ly (sorry….epic is the new word at our house), and you know that there are days that I feel….hmmmm…..how should I word this? 

Totally. Sorry. For. Myself.

There are the “why me?” days. There are the “but I didn’t deserve this” days and my favorite, the….

“Are you freaking kidding me with this?” days.

But I am trying. And I am naming the blessings. And I am learning.

Over Thanksgiving I had a few minutes with Betsy (see earlier post about Betsy and the C-word).

She says to me and she is sincere. She says,

“I’m just so thankful it’s me. I can’t imagine if it were my sister or my brother and they have children to care for and if it had to be someone, I’m thankful that it’s me.

She is teaching me. Just by living. Just by fighting. Just by being Betsy, she is teaching and I am learning.

Giving thanks. In all things. Giving thanks in cancer.

Tomorrow’s Betsy’s surgery. Doctors are gonna rock! Nurses are gonna rock! Betsy is gonna rock!

“Lord Jesus, we thank you for Betsy. We thank you for the doctors and the nurses that you have hand-picked to care for Betsy. You are the God above all gods and the King above all kings and this does not have you stumped. And we give you praise.

And we want it gone. All gone.

We praise you for Betsy and her spark and her light and we pray for her family as they wait and keep watch and we give thanks in all things knowing that you will use her and her healing in a way that honors and glorifies you.

We gave thanks, Lord, for a healthy Betty.”

Go get ’em sister!

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